About Us

Our mission
Leading expert in regional development – knowledge, skill, actions

Our vision
Builder of regional collective will and networks

  • Strong expert
  • Active network influencer
  • Value-producing benefit builder

We work for the benefit of the residents, municipalities and business community of Pohjois-Savo
We are a statutory joint municipal authority with every Pohjois-Savo municipality (19) as its members.

Our main tasks are regional development and regional land use planning
Our areas of responsibility include regulatory and development tasks in the areas of regional development and financing, regional land use planning and transport system planning.

Generating new growth and attractiveness to the region
We grant national and EU funding for development and investment projects that strengthen the growth, competitiveness and competence of businesses. In the EU programme period 2014–2020, we contributed to the financing of more than a thousand projects. With their help, more than 1,250 new jobs have been created in Pohjois-Savo.

Strong expertise
We have about 30 experts in our employ. The Finnish regional councils (18) employ a total of 650 people. Our council is led by the Regional Assembly and the Regional Board formed from the decision-makers elected in the municipal elections.

Promotion of internationalisation
When you enter the regional council headquarters, maakuntatalo, you also enter Europe. We represent Pohjois-Savo in the Europe of the regions. By developing our own region, we also develop the whole of Finland and Europe. We are responsible for running the operations of the European Commission’s local Europe Direct contact point.