Well-being technology

The well-being spearhead has the following key objectives: creating new operating models and business through utilisation of artificial intelligence and health and well-being data and supporting sustainable development, cost efficiency, accurate diagnostics and customer service in health care with the aid of digital solutions. Additional objectives are increasing regulatory, quality and product management competencies in the field with new master’s programmes, boosting business competence and developing business activities in the area by promoting innovative procurement and supporting companies in entering into international markets. Pharmacological development, such as development of vaccines, is one of the strengths of the scientific community in Kuopio. Service development is part of the measures that fall under the wellness theme and are related to the new well-being service county.

In the health sector, well-being technology is expected to see the greatest growth. Pharmaceutical research, development and production activities have long been carried out in Kuopio. In implementing new innovations, software and information technology, data analysis and AI, virtual and augmented reality, measuring and sensor technology, automation, information networks, logistics and marketing activities are used.

The local manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and developments in other areas of pharma logistics have resulted in considerable changes in the production methods. The industry requires the same technologies as innovation, in addition to IoT, robotisation and Lean methodologies. Through the developing of services and pharmaceutical logistics, the services are enhanced and quality improved. New growth and entrepreneurship can be seen in the areas of personal health monitoring technologies and other monitoring services.

Medfiles Group is an established Contract Research Organization (CRO) serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, veterinary, biopharmaceutical and food & nutrition industries. Its service offering covers the entire range of outsourcing needs from early development to market approval and post-marketing activities such as product development, laboratory analytics and QP certification (GMP certified laboratories), clinical research, regulatory affairs, health economics, and pharmacovigilance.

Mega Electronics Ltd in Kuopio specializes in biosignal monitoring for neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. Company has developed a compact ambulatory technology to detect muscle activity on the skin surface both in laboratory and field conditions. The products measure for example heart ECG, muscle EMG and brain EEG. 

Myontec in Kuopio designs intelligence clothing and devices for monitoring and analyzing your exercise. The clothing measures directly your muscular system not just your heart rate. It also produces data of cadence, speed and distance. The textile used in the products is especially designed for demanding use.

NewIcon in Kuopio is market leader in pharmacy automation in Finland. NewIcon has developed an unique product portfolio consisting of storage robots for retail pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs), narcotic cabinets, antibiotics compounding robots.

Reagena is a manufacturer and developer of infectious disease diagnostic products in addition to special solutions and reagents for life sciences. Unique rapid tests for zoonosis diagnostics are well-known worldwide. Reagena products are sold via a comprehensive network of distributors  whereas all other activities such as production and development take place in Siilinjärvi. 

Salli Systems in Rautalampi is the leading manufacturer of saddle chairs in the world. The concept is based on Salli® Saddle Chairs, electrically height-adjustable tables and extensive background knowledge. The focus of the company is in the two-part swinging saddle chair that solves the classic problem of how to sit without disturbing one’s health and productivity.