Intelligent water system

The biorefining spearhead has the following key objectives: development of material logistics with the aid of artificial intelligence, utilising by-products as materials, energy, new products, fertilisers and growth mediums and boosting the utilisation of digestion of agricultural slurry and plant waste as well industrial by-products into biogas. Additional objectives are development and strengthening of biotechnical competencies and production in the area and supporting the emergence of new enterprise in the field through the development of an operational bioeconomy and circular economy cluster, among other measures.

Pohjois-Savo, primarily Kuopio, has a hub of water expertise that is varied, multidisciplinary and is formed by a number of different organisations and businesses. Their strengths are water microbiology, water chemistry, groundwater and mining water expertise as well as water purification and monitoring technologies.

The water industry in Kuopio has particular know-how in mineral industry waters, including the research of risks to the environment and bodies of water that the mining and refinery of minerals have, as well as the dissolution of minerals into natural water reservoirs. Product innovation in the water industry focuses on risk management, the development of purification methods that can be industrially applied, environmental safety and on health impacts.The core areas of application include mining, industrial and agricultural water processes. Production methods are developed for monitoring and optimising water and purification processes.

Additionally, digital services are developed for control and monitoring activities as well as for achieving real-time operations. Growth and new entrepreneurship are expected to arise with the new applied purification and analysis methods being developed at the water industry’s technology and development hub.

A strong hub of water expertise created in North Savo on Structural Funds support (11/2018)

The National Institute for Health and Welfare’s department of environmental health is one of the leading centres for environmental health in Europe. Its task is to anticipate, prevent and control threats to environmental health.

Finnish meteorological institute studies in particular atmospheric fine particles and their effects on climate and health. Related to research on fine particles and health it studies the roles of outdoor air and living on indoor air quality. Also, it develops a research method that can be used to determine the harmfulness of air pollutants in conditions simulating real life exposures.

The Geological Survey of Finland has a research group specializing in mining environments in Kuopio. It is an expert in the environmental aspects of mining spoil, the modelling of the drift pattern of water and pollutants, geochemical risk assessments of the soil and sediments and geochemical passive water purification methods.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries.

The University of Eastern Finland’s Department of Environmental Science is the largest research and training unit of its kind in Finland. It activities combine both environmental health and research on changes caused by humans that are detrimental to the environment. The multidisciplinary research of the Department of Applied Physics focuses on fine particles in the air.

The Savonia University of Applied Science centres on water and bioenergy in its environmental studies. The research unit’s surface-water pilot plant, water supply test system and water laboratory are a unique waterworks research environment in Finland.