Machine and energy technology

This spearhead has the following key objectives: digitalisation of processes and services, increased productivity through more automation and process streamlining, sustainable RDI activities and an increase in distributed energy production. The technological implementation of the energy transition and distributed energy production requires considerable development inputs in alternative energy technologies and in heat and energy storage systems. Additional objectives are development of strategic corporate partnerships, strengthening the competencies of education providers, ensuring the availability of ICT specialists, achieving growth in industrial investments and facilitating the emergence of new business in digital services and consultation services that support product development.

Innovation for client needs

Product innovation aims at developing products according to client needs while creating added value. Using digital solutions, the client or end user of a product can be included in the development process. Unique and superior products set you apart from your competitors. Innovation should result in a quick return of investment. Product development is streamlined by a collaborative effort with clients and the manufacturing network.

Collaborative development within a network

As a prerequisite of maintaining profitability and a competitive edge, production methods must be developed to enhance profitability. Profitability is improved e.g. with automation, robotisation, effective welding and assembly techniques, the application of digital solutions and by developing methods of leadership.

New entrepreneurs and growth partnerships

Creating added value is crucial. The aim is to create customer-oriented service concepts, recognise customer needs and
respond to them. Product and service innovation must be sped up. Entrepreneurship is strengthened via growth partnerships with larger companies operating in the market. Businesses in the industry are supported with investments in training and development as well as in making new areas more attractive.

International energy technology and expertise

Productive energy production creates added value for the customer, which is at the core of an energy technology provider’s business idea. In developing energy technology, project skills, planning, understanding of the production and service chain, understanding of the energy technology of different fuels as a well as installation skills are emphasised. Growth and new entrepreneurship arise from a skilled network of partners and subcontractors. The digital product and client documentation, effective delivery processes and quality and cost levels of the partnership network will be improved.

Amec Foster Wheeler in Varkaus develops efficient and environment-saving energy solutions for power plant boilers, industrial boilers and their maintenance. The company is a world leader in combustion and steam generation technology and its technology centre for fluidized bed technology resides in Finland.

ANDRITZ Oy in Varkaus is a global supplier of evaporation plants and recovery boilers for the pulp industry as well as biomass boilers and gasification plants for energy production. In addition, ANDRITZ Oy also offers services for all this equipment.

Junttan Oy in Kuopio specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of hydraulic piling equipment. Working closely with its customers and leading international research facilities, Junttan has actively developed new products and taken the entire industry forward.

Ponsse Plc in Vieremä is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines. It specialises in the production, sales and maintenance of forest machines designed for the cut-to-length method and in the related information systems.

By 2017 municipal waste of Eastern and Central Finland and Kainuu region citizen will be processed to energy, district heat and electricity at Riikinvoima Ekovoimalaitos in Leppävirta. The waste will be utilized in a safe, effective and environmentally friendly way.