The biorefining spearhead has the following key objectives: development of material logistics with the aid of artificial intelligence, utilising by-products as materials, energy, new products, fertilisers and growth mediums and boosting the utilisation of digestion of agricultural slurry and plant waste as well industrial by-products into biogas. Additional objectives are development and strengthening of biotechnical competencies and production in the area and supporting the emergence of new enterprise in the field through the development of an operational bioeconomy and circular economy cluster, among other measures.

Biorefinery offers new opportunities to traditional medical knowhow and for new applications e.g. in food production. Potential applications include new, wood-based materials in pharmaceuticals, as food additives, as animal fodder and in smart packaging for food products.

A large number of different molecules can be separated from wood, some of which are extremely difficult and expensive to manufacture synthetically. In addition to energy production, various uses for wood molecules can be found e.g. in surfacing, pesticides, filtering and purification materials, food additives, pharmaceutical products and water purification.